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So: forged or stamped?

The forged blade of a Victorinox knife contains more carbon, which makes the steel harder and helps it stay sharper longer. All models in this line are forged from a single piece, so there’s a seamless transition from blade to handle with a built-up section, called a bolster. This not only means it’s more difficult for your hand to slip from the handle onto the blade, it also makes its weight and balance very popular. And beautiful styling expresses its excellent quality. A good forged chef’s knife is prestigious, inspirational. It reflects the joy felt by people who love to cook with just the right tools.

Our innovative stamped blade is lighter than a forged one. Which makes these kinds of knives easier to work with over long periods of time. They are easy on wrists and hands, so it’s no surprise that professional chefs really like them. And because the steel has a slightly lower level of hardness, they are simple to resharpen. When you consider years of daily work in a kitchen, these blades offer the best value for money.

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